October Goals

I can’t believe it’s October already! September seemed to fly by. That’s okay with me though; I love October, and we’re one month closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas! So now that it’s a new month, it’s time to set some new goals.

October Goals | Grace to Grow Blog

First, let’s see how I did with my September goals:

  1. Blog at least three times a week. I accomplished this for the first three weeks of September, but then I had my birthday and came down with a sinus infection, so I didn’t pay as much attention to the blog. Still, I’m happy with how I did my first month blogging!
  2. Read four books (at least two non-fiction). This goal was sort of accomplished…I ended up reading eight books, but none of them were non-fiction. I’m going to count that as a win though, because I read double the number of books I wanted to. Look for a post later this week on all the books I read!
  3. Set up a budget. I totally failed on this one, and I don’t even have a good reason. Time just got away from me, I guess!
  4. Movie/coffee with a friend. Done! We went to see The Light Between Oceans (it was good but sad; now I want to read the book!) and went out for coffee after. It was nice to catch up!
  5. Send a package to my sister at college. I sent it last week, and she got it this week! She called and said it made her day, so I think that’s a win 😉

Now, on to my goals for October:

  1. Write at least two blog posts per week. I want to get in the habit of writing consistently, but I’m moving my goal down from three to two posts per week. Last month I had daily inspiration from the Blog-tember prompts, so I’m giving myself grace this month since I have to come up with my own topics to write about 😉
  2. Read five books (two non-fiction). I’m going to try this one again! I still have plenty of non-fiction books to choose from.
  3. Set up a budget. This really shouldn’t take too long, so I need to just sit down and get it done.
  4. Work on a machine embroidery project. My dad does screen printing and vinyl as a hobby/small side business, and last winter he bought an embroidery machine. I want to learn how to use it better and try some new projects. I would love to be able to use the embroidery machine in some kind of business someday, but I have a lot to learn first!
  5. Plan a trip to see my sister. My friend and I might take a road trip to visit my sister at college, and I might fly down to see her around Thanksgiving. Nothing is set in stone, but I’m hoping to take at least one of those two trips!

Let’s hope I do better with my goals this month than I did last month! I’ll let you know in November 😉