My Most Anticipated New Book Releases of 2018

A lot of my favorite authors have new books coming out in 2018, and I’m exited to read them all! If you’re like me, you don’t want to miss a good new book release, so I thought I would share the ones on my pre-order list. So far, I only know of new releases into July, so stay tuned for a part 2 to this post later in the year!

Most Anticipated New Releases of 2018 | Grace to Grow Blog

Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue series #4) by Susan May Warren (January 2): This one came out already, and I read it early so I could write a review, but I still had to include it on my list! I have said many times before how much I love Susan May Warren, and this book was no exception. If you enjoy suspense, drama, and romance, you won’t be disappointed by her Montana Rescue series (or any of her books!).

Stone and Sunset (Raleigh Harmon Prequel Mysteries #4) by Sibella Giorello (February 2): Whenever I hear that Sibella Giorello is releasing a new Raleigh book, I preorder it as soon as I can! This newest one is part of the prequel series that takes place while Raleigh is in high school. It’s so fun to be able to see how her earlier years shaped her into the forensic geologist she is in the regular series!

The Sea Before Us (Sunrise at Normandy series #1) by Sarah Sundin (February 6): Sarah Sundin is another one of those authors whose books I always preorder. She is the best WWII author I’ve read, weaving in so many period details you feel like you’re there, but without being stuffy like some historical fiction can be. I’m so excited for this new series!

If I Live (If I Run series #3) by Terri Blackstock (March 6): The If I Run series is one of the most intriguing suspense series I think I’ve ever read. The main character, Casey, is on the run because she’s accused of a crime she didn’t commit, and she finds an unlikely ally in the investigator tasked with finding her. I can’t wait to see how her story ends in this third book!

No One Ever Asked by Katie Ganshert (April 3): No one could ever accuse Katie Ganshert’s books of being shallow or surface-y. She dives into some tough topics but handles them with grace. Her characters capture your heart as you see some of yourself in them as they struggle and grow. This book sounds like it will be very timely, and I can’t wait to read it!

Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines (April 24): This one is a cookbook, but I think it still counts! Anything by Joanna Gaines has to be good, right? I loved The Magnolia Story by Chip and Jo, and of course I love their show (who doesn’t?), so I can only imagine this will be an awesome cookbook! If I can’t visit their bakery and restaurant, this will be the next best thing 🙂

Storm Front (Montana Rescue series #5) by Susan May Warren (May 1): Two new Susan May Warren books in one year… doesn’t get much better than that! This will be the second to last book in the Montana Rescue series. I love how all the books in the series tie in together, and while this book is mainly about Ty, we will still feel involved with the whole team.

Falling for You (A Bradford Sisters Romance #2) by Becky Wade (May 1): I read the first book in this series, True to You, when it came out last spring, and I loved it! The characters were very well-written and well-developed, and the story also had a little mystery that drew you in even more. The second book will follow the story of another one of the Bradford sisters (of course) and I can’t wait to read it!

The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck (June 12): If you’re looking for a faith-filled romance that really tugs on your heartstrings, you’ll find one in any of Rachel Hauck’s books! Her last several novels have been focused on main characters who live in different time periods but who have some kind of connection. This book will also have a split-time plot, which I love! It adds a layer of mystery, since you may not know right away how the characters are connected.

Dead Drift (Chesapeake Valor series #4) by Dani Pettrey (July 3): This book will be the conclusion to the Chesapeake Valor series, that follows a group of friends whose careers are all related to law enforcement. One of their friends, Luke, has been missing since college, but in this book they will finally find out what happened to him as they work to stop a terrorist threat. I’m sure this book will be full of action and suspense, just like the rest of the series!

Called to Protect (Blue Justice series #2) by Lynette Eason (July 31): The first book in the Blue Justice also just came out in January. I think it was the first book I’ve read by Lynette Eason, and I loved it! The whole family is involved in law enforcement in some form, and this second book tells the story of Chloe, one of the daughters in the family. If you like the TV show Blue Bloods, I bet you’ll love these books!

I’m glad that there’s at least one book on this list for each month from January to July! I love having a new book to look forward to every few weeks 🙂 Do you have any books you would add to this list?

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