Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! It’s a rainy day here, but I love rainy fall days. Even though it’s dark and cloudy outside, there are still bright spots in life. Here are five things I’m excited about today!


  1. We had some beautiful weather last week! It was sunny and warm, with the colors of autumn everywhere. I have dozens of pictures of the fall foliage on my phone; I want to bottle it up and enjoy the beautiful colors all year!
  2. Last week, I got new books in the mail from two of my favorite authors: Wild Montana Skies, the first book in a new series by Susan May Warren, and A Royal Christmas Wedding, the fourth book in the Royal Wedding series by Rachel Hauck. I’ve already finished Wild Montana Skies and loved it, and I’m excited to jump into A Royal Christmas Wedding!
  3. Speaking of Christmas…it’s now less than two months away! Sure, maybe that’s a little early to be celebrating, but that means Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and I just love the whole season. I love buying and making presents, the music, the Christmas program at our church, and just the atmosphere in general. It’s never too early to start celebrating the real meaning of Christmas, anyway 😉
  4. This weekend is my sister’s fall break from college, and I get to drive down and visit her! I’m excited to go on a little road trip and get to spend a few days with her.
  5. There is a Chick-fil-A opening next week only an hour and a half away from where I live! It’s the first one in my state and my family is so excited 😉 We love going to CFA when we’re on vacation “down south,” so it’s going to be nice to have one so much closer to home! There was also a story in the news last week about plans for a second one about an hour in the other direction from our house, so hopefully there will be one even closer someday 😉

What do you have to celebrate on this fine Friday? 🙂

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