Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 🙂 I know I’ve been a little absent here on the blog lately…not exactly keeping up with my goal of posting twice a week. So while I’m working on some posts for next week, I thought I would share with you five things I’m loving this week!

1. We’ve had some serious winter weather for the last two weeks, but the last couple of days have been sunny and in the 40s-50s! It’s so nice to go outside without a winter coat, and to know that spring is just around the corner. It’s been a bright spot in the middle of winter…because I’m sure we’ll be back to our normal snowy and cold soon!

2. My latest favorite song is Love Broke Thru by TobyMac. So good!

3. My fun adventure this month was driving down to visit my sister at college a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun to spend the weekend with her, get to know her friends, and go to a few of her classes. Now she’ll be home in a little over a week for spring break!

4. I’m making progress on my embroidery project! This is the third out of six designs I’m embroidering, and then my plan is to make them into a wall hanging. I’m much better at embroidering than sewing, so we’ll see how that goes!

5. I know this isn’t a unique sentiment, but I absolutely love Fixer Upper. I love seeing the transformations in the homes Chip and Joanna work on for their clients, but I think what sets their show apart from other home improvement shows is seeing their relationship play out, how well they work together and how they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Reading their book and knowing a little more of their life story makes the show even more fun to watch!

What’s been making you happy/inspiring you lately?

One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. That was a nice update, Jen. It’s so great that you got to visit your sister. I like the ambiance of the coffee shop..if that’s what it is. 🙂
    Your needlepoint is really cool! I like subject matter, too. I want to can some dilly beans one of these days.
    TobyMac’s has blessed my life for a long time. from His songs always have a great message.

    Well, as always, I loved being among your readers who are asked to share some feedback.:)
    So,…..the things that have kept me out of trouble (and kinda happy;) this winter, have been my knitting projects (socks, mostly), trying new recipes, (like homemade energy bars, casseroles), doing my spring cleaning a little early, and reading through the book of Jeremiah again.

    School vacation started today. So, I’m planning to use the time to read a short book entitled The Ambassador Book of GREAT HYMN STORIES, finish sewing a skirt made from my old jeans, finish crocheting a sweater and maybe make some homemade crackers….oh, and I should probably start taking longer walks now that the icy ground is thawing. ❄️??Thanks for asking!

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