Blog-tember Day Four // Currently

I’m a little behind on the Blog-tember prompts…I wanted to get this post ready for Sunday, but things just kept getting in the way. Today’s post goes with Sunday’s prompt, but tomorrow I’m going to jump back in with tomorrow’s prompt. But for now, here’s what’s I’m currently…

2016-09-05 23.01.06

Reading: Quiet by Susan Cain. I started it awhile ago, then read a couple of novels I bought at the bookstore last week, but what I’ve read of this so far is really good!

Watching: The Middle on the Hallmark channel. It’s a show about a family with three kids in the midwest…it can be kind of ridiculous sometimes, but it makes me laugh!

Eating: a pumpkin muffin. They’re back at Dunkin’ Donuts!

Drinking: a blueberry Bai antioxidant drink. I just bought it on a whim, but it’s actually pretty good!

Calling: my sister at college. We got to talk to her for an hour last Saturday, and I got to talk to her for half an hour last Wednesday!

Pinning: all the fall things! Decor, recipes, embroidery projects…now I just need to find the time to make them!

Going: to Target to look for a more professional-looking purse…and probably to get a PSL at Starbucks while I’m there 😉

Loving: that Dancing with the Stars is coming back on next week and that Laurie Hernandez is going to be a contestant! If Olympic gymnast skills translate to dancing, she’ll be awesome!

Discovering: that I don’t need sugar in my coffee anymore! I’ve been having coffee with just cream lately, and it’s pretty good. Every time I can cut out sugar is a good thing, right?

Feeling: excited that the fair in our town is this weekend! It’s one of the best weekends of the year 😉

Hoping: that my sister can come home from college for my birthday weekend. She’s planning on it, but I don’t want to count on it in case something comes up with her classes or work. It will be awesome if she can come!

Listening (to): my favorite podcast, the Boundless Show!

Celebrating: cooler weather! These first few days of September have been pretty cool and breezy, but I have a feeling there are still some hot days ahead.

Smelling: coffee! I’m making 50 gallons of coffee and putting it in the fridge, getting ready to sell iced coffee at the aforementioned fair. As soon as you walk in the door, all you smell is coffee!

Ordering: a new book! The latest book in Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor series is coming out today, and it should be in my mailbox by the time I get home from work. Days when new books come are the best days 🙂

Considering: where I’m going to look next for a second job.

Starting: to wonder if the Bible study I go to is going to start up again. We took a break for the summer, and I haven’t heard anything about restarting. I should probably ask someone about that…

Finishing: my current embroidery project (a piece for the quilt/wall hanging I’m making with patterns that all involve mason jars) so I can start a new one! I want to do something fall themed next.

What are you up to currently?

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