Blog-tember Day Sixteen // Stress Relief

This Blog-tember prompt comes at a pretty perfect time! The last couple weeks have been really busy between school starting, spending all last week getting ready to sell iced coffee at the fair, spending almost thirty-five hours at the fair over three days last weekend, and coming down with a cold/sinus infection this week. This weekend sounds like a good time to relax a little, so I’ll be ready to take on next week!

Friday, September 16: How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

Blog-tember Day Sixteen // Stress Relief | Grace to Grow Blog

  1. Write it down! One of the main things that stresses me out is my mind swirling with everything I need to do. Sometimes, I get to the point where I just need to write things down so I can clear my head and stop worrying about forgetting something on my to-do list. That’s where my planner comes in handy! It really helps to have everything written out where I can see it.
  2. Cleaning This may sound kind of strange, but another way I de-stress is to clean. Honestly, I love cleaning, especially the kitchen and my room. I feel so much better when my surroundings aren’t cluttered and messy. I love to put on a podcast or some music and get cleaning!
  3. Reading Of course, reading is one of my favorite things to do when I have some time to myself. There’s just something about settling in with a good book that brings me peace, and I’ve been loving these cool fall days when I can read outside!
  4. Coloring I’ve recently jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon. I have a couple of coloring books, but I just found these cards (one of them is pictured above) that I really like! They’re smaller than a coloring book page so they don’t take as long to finish, they’re not stuck in a coloring book where you may never see them again, and I can send them to my friends 🙂
  5. Embroidery Last but not least, I’ve also been teaching myself how to embroider. It’s so relaxing, and I love choosing the perfect colors and then seeing the design come to life! It’s also a good activity to do while watching a show, so I feel like I’m doing something instead of just vegging 😉

What do you do to relax and take care of yourself?

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