Vanishing Point by Lisa Harris | Book Review

Title: Vanishing Point

Series: Nikki Boyd Files

Author: Lisa Harris

Genre: Christian romantic suspense

My rating: 5/5

This was one of the best suspense books I’ve read in a long time! It’s technically part of the Nikki Boyd series, which I’ve never read, but this book can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel. It’s written as part of Nikki’s backstory, but she isn’t a main character, which I thought was a really cool way to tell the story from a different perspective.

The story starts out in 2003 with the murder of a teenage girl whose death is believed to be linked to a serial killer, and it follows the main characters through the years as more girls go missing. The way it jumped from case to case kept things interesting, but still easy to follow. It’s a really unique plot, and definitely keeps you guessing all the way through! The mystery was believable and suspenseful, the characters were relatable, and the writing really drew me in. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

This was the first book I’ve read by Lisa Harris, but it won’t be the last! The other three books in the Nikki Boyd series are now on my Amazon wishlist 🙂 If you are a fan of the mystery/suspense genre, I definitely recommend this book!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for review. All opinions are my own; I was not required to give a positive review.

Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth | Book Review

Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth | Book Review by Grace to Grow Blog

Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely by Holley Gerth is one of the best books I’ve read this year. When I first saw it, I couldn’t wait to read it, and I knew I would love it from the first page. The chapters are short, only a few pages, and feel like conversations with a friend or a big sister as she tells you about her struggles, her joys, and the things she’s learned. There so much to take in from this book, I know I’ll be reading it again to soak it in more!

Something that really resonated with me about the message of being fiercehearted is that you don’t have to do something huge or extraordinary. It’s all about loving the people around you, even when it hurts, and God giving you strength, even in your weaknesses. It’s about the small choices we can make every day to become the women we were meant to be, women who are more like Jesus.

I really enjoyed the whole book, but I’d have to say that chapter 15 is one of my favorite chapters. These lines kind of summed up the book for me: “A full life and life to the full are two very different things. One is about grasping, the other is about receiving, One is about cramming in, the other is about room to breathe. One is about striving, the other is about trust. One is about control, the other is about letting go — sometimes for a moment and sometimes for always.”

With Christmas coming up, this book would be a great present for yourself 😉 or for any of the women in your life! Moms, sisters, aunts, friends – I think we could all use a little encouragement to be fiercehearted.

“Let’s be unexpected warriors, love ninjas, secret agents of grace in the kitchens and the boardrooms and by the swings on the playground. They’ll never see us coming.”  — Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own; I was not required to give a positive review.